[Mailman-Users] Moving hosts

LSD lehmann at lsd.it
Sun Nov 19 10:25:05 CET 2006

Before I start: I'm  sorry if this is a FAQ or RTFM question, but I
didn't find this topic in this list's archive.

Which are the steps to do to MOVE a mailman full configuration (i.e.:
moving all the list hosted on a machine, user passwords, members lists,
etc.) from a machine to another?

I mean: I'm switching the machine that currently runs a 1.0rc3 mailman
installation with another new one that will run a v1.1 mailman release.

I tried to move the data directories (~mailman/data , ~mailman/lists, 
~mailman/archives, ~mailman/templates) from the old machine to the new
one but I was unsuccesful...

Any hint?
Where I'm wrong?

There is an Official Way to do this?
(It's not an upgrade to a newer version, it's a move).

Thanks in advance

Massimiliano Lehmann     

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