[Mailman-Users] undelivered mail, but only to some

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Nov 1 03:07:14 CET 2006

D. Alan Stewart wrote:
>> Sendmail claims it sent the mail to the users who didn't get it. I
>> recognize the symptoms say that Mailman is somehow involved, but I
>> don't see how.
>I recognize the difficulty of this particular problem.

I still stand by my assessment that in your case, Mailman is sending
the mail to the MTA, and the MTA is sending it on, and the loss must
occur downstream from there. That said, it is entirely possible that
the mail is lost/discarded because of something Mailman-specific in
the message. Things which could cause this problem might include the
listname-bounces at example.com envelope sender (can the domain of this
address be looked up in DNS?) or some Mailman specific header.

BTW, is bounce processing enabled for the list, and are there any
entries in Mailman's 'bounce' log for the recipients missing posts? At
least for debugging this, bounce_processing should be Yes and so
should bounce_unrecognized_goes_to_list_owner and

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