[Mailman-Users] OutgoingRunner hangs and messages not delivered to mail lists

João Sá Marta samarta at ci.uc.pt
Fri Nov 3 16:05:27 CET 2006



I have a problem with all of the mailing lists in our server.

Every day the qfiles/out directory gets hundreds of *.pck files not posted
to the mailing lists.

Manually, one can stop the master qrunner through mailmanctl stop and start
it again using mailmanctl start . But every time I ‘ve done that there’s a
lock and I  manually removed the locks and issued the mailmanctl start .
That worked .

But , analysing the processes on the system I have noticed that are several
OutgoingRunner ‘s , and the only way to get the messages posted to the
mailing lists is killing those processes.



All the archives works well –that is: the messages are archived but not
posted – I know that the archiving process is separated from posting.

It’s quite unusual because it’s the first time (3 weeks ago) this is
happening after several years of using mailman.

I am managing about a hundred of mailing lists with thousands of users.

I am using:

                        Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 4

Python 2.3.4

mailman 2.1.9



I’ve searched through the mailman FAQ’s and I’ve not found any clue.


I made a shell script in order to minimize the problem when I am on weekends
and have inserted on the cron (running every 10 minutes):


/home/mailman/bin/mailmanctl stop

ps auxwf|grep python

ps ax |grep python|grep -v grep|gawk -F " "  '{print $1;system("kill -9

/home/mailman/bin/mailmanctl  -s start



I would appreciate any help on this issue,


   Joao Sa Marta


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