[Mailman-Users] OutgoingRunner hangs and messages not delivered tomail lists

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Nov 3 16:43:28 CET 2006

João Sá Marta wrote:

>Every day the qfiles/out directory gets hundreds of *.pck files not posted
>to the mailing lists.
>Manually, one can stop the master qrunner through mailmanctl stop and start
>it again using mailmanctl start . But every time I've done that there's a
>lock and I  manually removed the locks and issued the mailmanctl start .
>That worked .
>But , analysing the processes on the system I have noticed that are several
>OutgoingRunner's , and the only way to get the messages posted to the
>mailing lists is killing those processes.

That's because you are force starting Mailman when it hasn't fully
stopped. Lock files have a reason.


>It's quite unusual because it's the first time (3 weeks ago) this is
>happening after several years of using mailman.

It appears there may be some queued message in the out/ queue causing a
problem. There may also be a problem between Mailman and Sendmail.
What is in Mailman's 'smtp' and 'smtp-failure' logs and also
Sendmail's logs?

Is this a Debian Mailman and Python package? If so, see a couple of
threads in the mailman-users archive. One thread begins at
(the link above) and is a single thread in the archive. The other
thread is broken in the archive because of many off-list replies, but
in subject sequence, it is those messages with subjects

[Mailman-Users] can't get mailman and exim4 talking on my debian 3.1
[Mailman-Users] slow processing
[Mailman-Users] Still can't send out from Mailman

If there is no problem evident in the smtp or smtp-failure logs, look
for an older message in the out/ queue and try moving it aside.

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