[Mailman-Users] Duplicate attachements saved in archive directory?

Xueshan Feng sfeng at stanford.edu
Fri Nov 3 19:30:38 CET 2006

On Thu, 2006-11-02 at 16:57 -0800, Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Xueshan Feng wrote:
> >
> >List's attachments seemed saved twice with different names in archives
> >directory. For example, one is "attachement.pdf", another one
> >"attachment-0001.pdf". The latter is the one used in the URL that
> >replaces the attachement in the oringal email. 
> Whether or not this happens depends on the setting of scrub_nondigest
> and whether or not the list is digestable. If scrub_nondigest is Yes,
> the original message is scrubbed and attachments are saved and
> replaced by URLs in the original message. Then when the message is
> archived and the digest (if any) is produced, there are no
> attachments, only links.
> If scrub_nondigest is No, the original message is sent with
> attachments. The message is scrubbed for the archive and attachments
> are saved and replaced by URLs. If the list is digestable, the message
> is also put in the list's digest.mbox with attachments and when the
> plain digest is produced, it is scrubbed again and duplicate copies of
> the attachments are saved with different names and replaced by URLs.
> Thus each saved attachment has two copies, one of which is referenced
> by the archived message and the other of which is referenced by the
> message in the plain digest.

Ah thanks for the clear explanation. I'd never thought this had to do
with list digest policy. Our system wide scrub_nodigest is False,
default value from installation, and my test list is digestable, like
most lists on our systems, hence the two copies of same attachment. If I
make mylist "nodigestable", then only one copy of attachement is saved. 


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