[Mailman-Users] Disabling password protection?

Ken Winter ken at sunward.org
Mon Nov 6 04:45:53 CET 2006

That works.  Thanks, Mark!

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Ken Winter wrote:

>I need my ordinary members to be able to access scrubbed attachments
>having to remember a password.  If this means disabling end user password
>protection across the whole list, I'm willing to do that.  If necessary,
>willing to do a workaround that assigns everybody the same password, which
>would then be published to all members.  I can't find a way to do any of
>these things, or anything else that would accomplish the goal.  Can anyone
>tell me how?

Why not just make your archives public?

Effectively, you do the same thing by not requiring password

After making the archives public, you have to rebuild them with
"bin/arch --wipe" so that the URLs in the archive that are currently
of the form
<http://example.com/mailman/private/listname/attachments/...> become
of the form <http://example.com/pipermail/listname/attachments/...>.

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