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Eric Walker sli1que at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 8 18:34:08 CET 2006

Well I sent in an email to godaddy. I asked them about the 533 error that stated host was not a valid host in the rcpt list. They said that error would show up when using a email client and I didn't have the button down that says outgoing smtp server needs authentication. So, I am assuming this means that my exim4 is not authenticating. How can I test to see if exim4 is sending out the correct info to authenticate. I do have the paswd and username in my passwd.client file.

Eric ...

"JB at comcast" <justbrits at comcast.net> wrote: Actually Mark, I was going to reply to Eric direct BUT:

godaddy as its outgoing SMTP server.>>

his WAY easier and more affordable solution would be to change Server Company to www.bluehost.com !!

I did and I cannot express how much GREATER a "deal" much less how much BETTER any assistance required is!!!

I was on godaddy and IRATE.  In doing some searching and with a comment from a fried found bluehost.  PRIOR to doing anything wrote their Tech Section witha question.  Answer in TWO hours!!!  Replied w/another ? !  Reply in less than an hour!!  Replied to #2 w/1 more ?  TEN MINUTES!!!  Now mind you, I had NOT done the change nor signed up for anything!!!  They were making NO money by answering me!!!

Outside of this mailman list, I have NOT encountered and service like it in close to two decades!!!


The owner Matt Heaton / President Bluehost.com even has his own blog to keep his customers' up to date!?!?


Very Happy Bluehost Customer Ed
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