[Mailman-Users] debian/exim4/mailman

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Nov 9 01:55:53 CET 2006

Eric Walker wrote:

>Well I sent in an email to godaddy. I asked them about the 533 error that stated host was not a valid host in the rcpt list. They said that error would show up when using a email client and I didn't have the button down that says outgoing smtp server needs authentication. So, I am assuming this means that my exim4 is not authenticating. How can I test to see if exim4 is sending out the correct info to authenticate. I do have the paswd and username in my passwd.client file.

I don't offhand know the answer to your Exim authentication issue or
even if it's possible, but this is an Exim question and beyond the
scope of the Mailman-users list.

However, I urge you to forget about delivering from Mailman to Exim to
godaddy to end recipients. If you don't want to take Ed's (JB) advice,
then just set up Mailman to use godaddy directly as the outgoing SMTP
server. See
and the 'authentication' patch in the post linked from that FAQ.

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