[Mailman-Users] bcc problem

stephen at xemacs.org stephen at xemacs.org
Thu Nov 9 03:52:20 CET 2006

o omida parasita writes:

 > When using an email list if you send a message to the list but also do
 > a bcc /cc the message gets sent to moderator.

If the list address is in either To: or Cc:, it should not be
moderated for the reason "implicit destination".  Are you sure you are
actually sending "To:" the list?  Surely this only happens when you
"Bcc:" the list?

 > If I (a member of the list) send a message to production at domain.com
 > and I bcc john at anotherdomain.com, the message gets sent to the
 > moderator for approval.

Surely it's the other way around?  You sent to john and bcc'd
production, right?

 > Is there a way to disable this feature/problem?

Go to the Privacy Options>Recipient Filters screen in the list
administration interface.  Set require_explicit_destination to off.

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