[Mailman-Users] Some of my Mailman mailing lists don't workbutsome do.

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Nov 9 04:37:56 CET 2006

jrc at clshost.com wrote:

>I do have access to the mailman installation and log files. Just not  
>sure exactly where to look, or what to look for.

First, I remembered there was a bug in Mailman prior to 2.1.9 which
would not send the welcome message from a mass subscribe unless the
list's send_welcome_message (on General Options) was Yes. This didn't
affect invitations as best as I can recall, although the
'notification' buttons on an 'invitatation' are really meaningless. No
notifications are sent with the invitation other than the invitation
itself, and when the user accepts the invitation, notifications ar
sent according to list settings

Could this be the problem?

If this is not the problem, then do I understand correctly that only
invitations and new subscriber welcome messages are missing, and only
for at least one 'old' list? Does this list function normally

If this is the case, Look in Mailman's 'error' and 'subscribe' logs.
Report any errors and also if the subscribes are logged or not. I
suspect they are logged and the user is subscribed even though the
welcome wasn't set. I'm leaning towards the above bug as the

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