[Mailman-Users] Unkown user

G. Armour Van Horn vanhorn at whidbey.com
Thu Nov 9 19:57:36 CET 2006

Mark Sapiro wrote:

>G. Armour Van Horn wrote:
>>The heart of the bounce is as follows:
>><"|/home/mailman/mail/mailman post freehand"@domainvanhorn.com> (expanded from
>>   <freehand at virtuoso.domainvanhorn.com>): unknown user:
>>   "|/home/mailman/mail/mailman post freehand"
>>The aliases (/etc/postfix/aliases) for that list look like this:
>>## freehand mailing list
>>freehand:              "|/home/mailman/mail/mailman post freehand"
>Then presumably, you don't use MTA = 'Postfix' and aliases in Mailman's
>There is something in the Postfix configuration that is causing it to
>not recognize that the alias above is a pipe to a command and not a
>user name. It is in Postfix and has nothing directly to do with
>Mailman. The aliases seem correct.
>Perhaps someone made some Postfix change involving virtual domains or
>something like that.
Could you expand on that, perhaps? This system has used Postfix as its 
MTA since the day it was first setup (1 October 2002) and the aliases 
have always been added to /etc/postfix/aliases. There is no reference 
that I can see to aliases in /home/mailman/data, no file by that name 
and "grep alias *" returns no matches in that directory.

I don't recall ever making any change to the Postfix configuration on 
the system, although I'm sure that Postfix itself has been upgraded a 
couple of times, the current executable is dated 31 August 2005. That's 
long before the current problem started, but several years after the 
machine was first built.

Until this, the system has been extremely stable because it was 
purpose-built to run Mailman and never has had anything extraneous 
running and has been lightly loaded. Of course that may be a two-edged 
sword; the system is so stable that I rarely pay any attention to it, 
thus don't know the ins and outs of keeping things in order like I do 
with my other systems that run much higher volumes in Apache and Sendmail.


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