[Mailman-Users] Debian+Mailman+postfix Error with SMTP

Lopez, Carlos Andres CLopez at oas.org
Fri Nov 10 03:43:25 CET 2006

Hello guys...

...I'm new using mailman and postfix.

I installed postfix first and it ran perfect.

After I followed this 


With Mailman 2.1.4 installed, I followed the directions in the script
itself /usr/lib/mailman/bin/postfix-to-mailman.py: 

   relay_domains = ... lists.yourdomain.net
   transport_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/transport
   mailman_destination_recipient_limit = 1
   # [...]  
   mailman unix  -       n       n       -       -       pipe
     flags=FR user=list
     argv=/var/lib/mailman/bin/postfix-to-mailman.py ${nexthop} ${user}
   lists.yourdomain.net   mailman:
   MTA = None # No MTA alias processing required
   # alias for postmaster, abuse and mailer-daemon
   DEB_LISTMASTER = 'postmaster at yourdomain.net'

After that, I restarted the Postfix and Mailman services. Furthermore,
in order for Postfix to learn about the "transport" settings, one needs
to run the command "postmap /etc/postfix/transport". 

I'm using debian sarge and lates postfix and mailman released.

The problem is that I can still receive mail to my local account but not
to any lists.... Or went I create the list it doesn't send the mail to
the list owner or the list members...

I went ot look the error log I found this.

Nov 09 21:28:33 2006 (9361) delivery to clopez at mydomain.com failed with
code -1: (-3,

 'Temporary failure in name resolution')


I really appreciate your help... if anyone knows how to fix it will by
my lifesaver... 




Carlos A. Lopez

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