[Mailman-Users] [Fwd: Re: Umbrella List / Moderation]

Todd Seeleman seeleman at gse.upenn.edu
Fri Nov 10 15:18:27 CET 2006

Sorry.  Mailman Version 2.1.9


	I'm still not clear on the umbrella list function.  What I'm trying to 
do is have a number of sub-lists (different faculty status) to which 
email to the super-list (all-faculty comprising all of the sub-list 
names) will distribute.  I'd like to allow all sub-list members to send 
to the super-list and, if possible, allow all domain addresses i.e. 
*@gse.upenn.edu to send to certain lists.  Is this possible?  I've tried 
using the following options without success.

> On Privacy options...->Recipient filters for each sub-list, add the
> posting address of the umbrella lis to acceptable_aliases or, if you
> prefer, set require_explicit_destination to No.


  Todd Seeleman, Systems Analyst
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