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Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Fri Nov 10 18:03:57 CET 2006

mumtaz wrote:
>1. The way I can create new lists using mailman, can I establish a grouping of lists as well? For example set of list for employees of my company and set of list for customers of my company? Eventually I want to customize the UI, so that employees can view only their lists and customers can only view lists related to them. Does that mean running totally separate instances of mailman for employees and customers?

It may. You probably need to have two domains (different virtual
hosts), one for customers and one for employees. Then you can use
Mailman's virtual host capability to separate the two virtual hosts.
You can do this with a single Mailman instance, but only if you are
willing to live with the restriction that all list names must be
unique - i.e. you cant have the same list name in two different
domains. This restriction will go away in Mailman 2.2, but currently
if you want the same list name in two domains, you need two Mailman
instances or some 3rd party patches.

>2. How easy is it if I want to customize the UI that let's users subscribe to the list. I want to add new features on top of the given UIs. I want to enable some more questions to be asked on the list subscription page like age of the user, address, etc. 

It's fairly easy to modify the listinfo template to add additionl input
fields, but you also have to modify the CGI to accept the additional
information, and create a custom MemberAdaptor to store and maintain
that information. It is not difficult if you are a Python programmer,
but there are several pieces that have to work together.

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