[Mailman-Users] spam, spamcop and mailman moderation

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Sat Nov 11 03:57:55 CET 2006

At 9:40 AM -0800 11/10/06, Dragon wrote:

>  True, and there will always be an arms race between spammers and
>  those of us who run servers to try to protect ourselves from unwanted junk.


>  But certain approaches are still quite effective and we should still
>  be utilizing them when appropriate. Hopefully, the good guys will be
>  able to keep ahead of the technology curve to put the screw to the bad guys.

Speaking as one of the "good guys", I can tell you that we are losing 
the war.  I've written a series of articles to be published on the 
LOPSA.ORG website on the current state-of-the-art with regards to 
fighting spam, and I can tell you that it's not pretty.

The bad guys keep getting more and more resources that they can 
casually throw at any problem, and we keep getting pushed further and 
further into the corner on the defenses that exist and which can be 

We're losing, and we're losing badly.  And the situation is only 
going to get a lot worse.  Right now, most of the possible solutions 
I've seen have been as bad or worse than the disease.

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