[Mailman-Users] Difficulties with mailman 2.1.5

Alan McConnell alan at patriot.net
Sat Nov 11 21:47:18 CET 2006

I am the administrator of an E-list run by mailman at
my ISP, PatriotNet, and as admin I'm experiencing difficulties.
(PatriotNet has installed v 2.1.5)

These difficulties are, in ascending order of importance:

1.  It often takes two or more repetitions to log on to the 
administrative page.  I am always careful about typing my

2.  When I go to the Membership Management/mass subscription
page to subscribe a new member, this subscription often does
not "take".  I get a nice screen saying "X is successfully
subscribed", and I get E-mail saying that "X has been subscribed",
but when I check it turns out that X is not in the list of
members.  I find it remarkable that confirmation messages are
sent out, without the file of list members having been successfully

3.  Worst of all: I want messages sent by our members to be
sent also to the member that sent them.  This is not at present
occurring.  I have _not_ checked the button in
	General Options -- Additional Settings -- Do not send a
	copy of a member's own post

Also, in the Membership list, the entry "not metoo" has _not_
been checked.    I can find no other place where this behavior
can be changed.

I am cc-ing the support staff at patriot.net, since they will be
interested in any replies I get.  PatriotNet is a Linux shop, but 
I do not know what python version they are running.  I myself
have programming experience, but no acquaintance with python.

Many thanks for anticipated help.

Alan McConnell

Alan McConnell :  http://patriot.net/users/alan
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