[Mailman-Users] Banning members

Martin Dennett md6969 at gmail.com
Sat Nov 11 23:16:19 CET 2006

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Martin Dennett wrote:
>> Having added ^debora*@.*\..* to the "List of addresses which are banned 
> >from membership in this mailing list.", I've still got 3 "debora" 
>> addresses to approve. Do you have any ideas?
> Your RE is missing a dot. It says 'debor' followed by zero or more 'a'
> followed by '@'.
> You want ^debora.*@.*\..*
> However just ^debora will do the same thing and is much simpler. It
> will match any address beginning with 'debora'. All you do with
> ^debora.*@.*\..* is require a '@' and a '.' somewhere after the '@'.
> The address probably has these things, but it isn't necessary to test
> for them.
Ah, so that's where I went wrong. I'll go with the ^debora option, and 
hope that I don't get a valid "Debora" wanting to join the list!



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