[Mailman-Users] Temporary local problem - please try later

J.R. Constance jrc at clshost.com
Mon Nov 13 07:53:15 CET 2006

I am using Exim, and here is the corresponding error from the  
exim_rejecting log for this smtp-failure entry.

2006-11-12 18:33:44 H=localhost (frodo.clshost.com) []  
sender verify defer for <mailman-bounces at ascls-lists.org>: error in  
redirect data: missing or malformed local part (expected word or "<")  
in ":blackhole"
2006-11-12 18:33:44 H=localhost (frodo.clshost.com) []  
F=<mailman-bounces at ascls-lists.org> temporarily rejected RCPT  
<jrc at rodricon.com>: Could not complete sender verify

I have had a situation with this domain where some spammers seem to  
be using the domain as a return address and getting a lot of  
rejections for emails that we weren't sending, so I set the default  
address folr ascls-lists.org to :blackhole so that I wasn't getting  
all of the rejections. Could that be causing a problem?

The jrc at rodricon.com address is my main email address, and seems to  
work fine. I do receive email from the ascls-lists.org mailing lists  
on a regular basis to that address.

I will look through the FAQ entries, and will also recheck the DNS  



On Nov 12, 2006, at 8:56 PM, Brad Knowles wrote:

> At 8:43 PM -0700 11/12/06, J.R. Constance wrote:
>>  I have something like 180000 lines in the failure log either with
>>  this 451 error or with s. Any idea what could be causing this?
> I've been using Unix and the Internet for over twenty-two years, a  
> professional Unix system administrator for over seventeen years,  
> and specializing in managing Internet e-mail systems for over  
> fourteen years.
> Congratulations, this is a first -- I don't recall having ever seen  
> this particular error message before in my life.  And at this stage  
> in my career, I don't get too many of those.
> This is almost certainly a problem in your local MTA, where Mailman  
> is unable to hand off messages to the mail server for some reason.
> What MTA are you using -- is it Exim?  How is that configured?   
> Have you checked the MTA logs, to see what it says about this  
> issue?  Have you checked to make sure that your DNS is configured  
> correctly?
> Have you checked the relevant FAQ entries regarding MTA problems  
> and non-delivery issues?
> Have you checked your MTA configuration to make sure that it is  
> turning off all anti-spam/anti-virus checks for all outbound  
> messages, as suggested in the FAQ?  If you can't do that, can you  
> at least confirm that your anti-virus scanning system is working  
> properly?
> -- 
> Brad Knowles, <brad at shub-internet.org>
> Trend Micro has announced that they will cancel the stop.mail- 
> abuse.org
> mail forwarding service as of 15 November 2006.  If you have an old
> e-mail account for me at this domain, please make sure you correct  
> that
> with the current address.

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