[Mailman-Users] Temporary local problem - please try later

Thomas Hochstein ml at ancalagon.inka.de
Mon Nov 13 19:15:20 CET 2006

"J.R. Constance" schrieb:

> 2006-11-12 18:33:44 H=localhost (frodo.clshost.com) []  
> sender verify defer for <mailman-bounces at ascls-lists.org>: error in  
> redirect data: missing or malformed local part (expected word or "<")  
> in ":blackhole"

Since it is ":blackhole:" and not ":blackhole" - mind the second colon
-, you've got a typo in your config.

> I have had a situation with this domain where some spammers seem to  
> be using the domain as a return address and getting a lot of  
> rejections for emails that we weren't sending, so I set the default  
> address folr ascls-lists.org to :blackhole so that I wasn't getting  
> all of the rejections. Could that be causing a problem?

Yes. Just fix the typo.


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