[Mailman-Users] Clean up Archives

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Thu Nov 16 22:42:46 CET 2006

Tony Molloy wrote:
>I know I can delete messages from the list manually by editing the mbox 
>files but I was wondering if it was possibe to "expire the archives" in 
>some way.

I think you would have to create some process as a shell script, Python
script, etc. to delete old messages from the .mbox file and run
bin/arch to rebuild, and then run this process periodically via cron.

Doing this would also invalidate any saved URLs linking to archived
messages as all the message numbers would change.

If you're only concerned about the attachments, you could just
periodically remove all the archives/private/<listname>/attachments/*
directories older than some cutoff.

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