[Mailman-Users] Difficulties with mailman 2.1.5

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Nov 18 19:45:26 CET 2006

Alan McConnell wrote:
>Now here is an "ignoramus" question, from one who knoweth not Python:
>If mailman is "powered by Python", why is not an upgrade from mailman
>2.1.5 to, say, 2.1.9, accomplished by simply grabbin the new python
>scripts(hey, they are simply text files, right?) and dropping them
>into place?

This is pretty much what the 'configure - make install' process does
when you upgrade from source. configure is necessary to set certain
installation specific things.

>(of course the data -- the database of list members --
>has to be backed up appropriately and restored, perhaps with new
>fields added).

Mailman knows how to convert/update older list data when it has been
upgraded. You probably do want to back everything up before doing the
'make install' just in case something goes wrong, but it isn't a
necessary part of the upgrade process.

The initial, generic section covers what you need to do to upgrade
from 2.1.5 to 2.1.9. The more specific sections all have to do with
upgrading from pre 2.1.5.

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