[Mailman-Users] creating list defaults and filters?

Tim Tyler tyler at beloit.edu
Mon Nov 20 19:58:44 CET 2006

   Mailman users,
  I have two questions.  We are running Mailman 2.1.5 on Redhat.

1. Is there a way when creating lists to have it automatically set 
certain fields with certain defaults such as Archives off, mail size 
limit 40k, etc.; instead of having to manually set them?

2. Is there a way to set a filter for a list such that all messages 
are automatically rejected or discarded if they don't have a 
particular subject header string such as [announce] in it?  I see 
that one can accept [announce] in the filters, but how does one wild 
card reject all the rest?  Also, I presume that order matters, correct?

Tim Tyler
Network Engineer - Beloit College
tyler at beloit.edu 

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