[Mailman-Users] Mailman Process Hanging

Jared Griffith jared.griffith at farheap.com
Tue Nov 21 00:54:37 CET 2006

Hello everyone,
	I seem to be having an odd issue with Mailman.  For some reason the 
daemon just stops running and will not send out any mail to the various 
lists that it is managing.  There are no messages on the server, or 
messages generated by the mailman daemon, so I am a bit stumped to say 
the least.
Here are the particulars on the system:
Dual AMD Opteron server
FreeBSD 6.0
Cyrus-Imap - 2.3.7
Postfix 2.4.20060930,3

Everything was working fine for about 6 months, then all of a sudden it 
stopped working.  Now I have to go into the server everyday to stop and 
start the daemon, at which point it will send out mail posted to the lists.
Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

- Thank you,
- Farheap Solutions, Inc.
- Jared B. Griffith
- Lead Systems Administrator
- California IT Department
- Email - jared.griffith at farheap.com
- Phone - 949.417.1500 ext. 266
- Cell Phone - 949.910.6542

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