[Mailman-Users] External Address Help...

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Tue Nov 21 18:49:55 CET 2006

Adam Morehead wrote:

>Sorry for not changing the subject on the last email.

The new subject helps, but generating a new post as a reply to a post
in an unrelated thread causes the new thread to be buried in the old
and thus to not stand out in the archive.


>Adam Morehead wrote:
>> Ok we have a mailing list setup for only our domain name to send out 
>> notices without needing approved, but there is one important person who 
>> does not have that domain name in her email address, so she always needs 
>> to get approval for posts... my question is, is there a way to set it up 
>> so she can post without approval, BUT not get the notices? (IE I cant 
>> just set her up as a user in the list)

Why can't you add her to the list with delivery disabled?

How do you control 'posting privilege'. Would it work to add her to

<unrelated rant>
Why do people want to be able to post to lists without having seen
what's already been posted. How do they know their post isn't

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