[Mailman-Users] List Management

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Nov 27 01:20:00 CET 2006

Azher Amin wrote:
>Can someone suggest a solution for the following situation for the lists 
>having hundred of users:
>ListA : userA1, userA2
>ListB: userB1, userB2, userB3
>userB1 is not a member of ListA, but both of the lists are hosted on the 
>same domain under same administration and list members are allowed to 
>interact. Is there anyway that userB1 without becoming the member of 
>ListA can post message to ListA ?? Reason is that ListA is small and it 
>is not desired that the messages posted  over here go to ListB.

You can add userB1 to ListA's accept_these_nonmembers, but I suspect
from your 'hundreds of users' remark that you want all of ListB's
members to be able to post to ListA.

In that case, see the patch at
which will enable you to put @listb in ListA's accept_these_nonmembers
to allow any member of ListB to post to ListA.

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