[Mailman-Users] Old lists are working. New lists discard allmessages. How to debug?

Dan Phillips dan at music.memphis.edu
Tue Nov 28 13:51:45 CET 2006

On Nov 27, 2006, at 10:57 PM, Brian Parish wrote

>> Brian Parish wrote:
>>> I have a number of lists running happily, but a couple of new  
>>> ones don't
>>> want to play.  For testing purposes I subscribe myself to them and a
>>> couple of other addresses.  All message sent to them from subscribed
>>> addresses get automatically discarded.  I can see the discards in  
>>> the
>>> vette log, but that doesn't provide a reason why.  Do I need to  
>>> turn on
>>> verbose output or something to get a diagnostic that's meaningful?
> 1.  I am moderated, but member_moderation_action is hold
> 2.  If I switch off my moderation bit, the behavior is unaffected
> 3.  I am subscribed to the list under two addresses and sending from
> either I get discarded
> 4. discard_these_nonmembers is blank and generic_nonmember_action
>  is hold
> 5. forward_auto_discards is set to Yes, so I see the discards, but  
> with no explanation as to why
> Given point 4, I don't understand how mailman can do anything but  
> hold the message for approval, whether I am correctly subscribed or  
> not.  I am more than happy to provide admin access to this list if  
> you feel like having a play.

Is it possible this is a content filtering issue? If the result of  
filtering is an empty message body, it is discarded in the way you  


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