[Mailman-Users] Private lists and trouble shooting unsubscribes

Patrick Bogen pdbogen at gmail.com
Wed Nov 29 18:28:39 CET 2006

On 11/29/06, Ken Cheney <kencheney at yahoo.com> wrote:
> First let me say I am very new to Mailman, very new to Linux, and very new to mailing
> lists.  (it took me 2 days to get the listserv to even send out :( )
>   I have the listserv up and sending to my lists; however, I would like to make the lists only
> emailable from the list owner.  I saw one post that referred to a FAQ but it was not very
> clear to me on how to do it. So, how do I limit the person that can send to the mailing list
> to only the list owner/administrator/moderator?  I have set all list members to be
> moderated, yet they dont show up on the "tend to pending moderator tasks" link.

What are 'they'? The users don't show up. If a moderated user sends a
message, and member_moderation_action is set to 'Hold,' then the
message will show up in the admin interface.

The general way to do what you want is: set all members to moderated.
Set 'default_member_moderation' for the list to 'Yes'. Set
'member_moderation_action' to 'Hold' if you want to see attempts by
the members to post, and have the opportunity to approve them. Set it
to 'reject,' otherwise, which will bounce the message and tell the
user why. To allow certain users (based on email address) to
automatically post, add their email addresses to
accept_these_nonmembers. This is probably the easiest, although least
secure, way to do this.

The better (though potentially more complex and difficult) way to do
this is to include the list password on any emails sent, which will
automatically bypass the sender filters. There are two ways to do
this: Either as a header in the email (this can be difficult,
depending on which email client you're using), or as the first line in
the email (this can be very tricky if you're sending HTML email. For
normal text, it should be fairly foolproof). Either way, the
header/line should look like:

Approved: <list password>

- Patrick Bogen

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