[Mailman-Users] Private lists and trouble shooting unsubscribes

Patrick Bogen pdbogen at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 02:22:55 CET 2006

This is where you want to adjust the setting I mentioned. If it's
already set to Hold (and not Discard or Reject), then there is
probably something else wrong, which is why you need to keep the
conversation on-list. As willing as I am to help, I don't have perfect
knowledge of Mailman.

- Patrick Bogen

On 11/29/06, Ken Cheney <kencheney at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I think I found it... Under privacy|sender filters.
> Ken Cheney <kencheney at yahoo.com> wrote:
> I will send the solution to the list after this email because I dont want
> the list subscribers to see how stupid I am at this point!  Right now I cant
> find where to set member_mod now...  I thought it was on one of the web
> screens.  Once the list is created do I need to now change it via the
> command line?  or is everything available somewhere in the mailman web ui?
> I am pretty sure somewhere along the line i set all the users to be in the
> "hold" space for nonmoderators or list owners.  I am wondering if I have
> some other problem since i can't unsubscribe by emailing to
> listname-leave at domain.com ...
> Ken
> Patrick Bogen <pdbogen at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 11/29/06, Ken Cheney wrote:
> > First let me say I am very new to Mailman, very new to Linux, and very new
> to mailing
> > lists. (it took me 2 days to get the listserv to even send out :( )
> >
> > I have the listserv up and sending to my lists; however, I would like to
> make the lists only
> > emailable from the list owner. I saw one post that referred to a FAQ but
> it was not very
> > clear to me on how to do it. So, how do I limit the person that can send
> to the mailing list
> > to only the list owner/administrator/moderator? I have set all list
> members to be
> > moderated, yet they dont show up on the "tend to pending moderator tasks"
> link.
> What are 'they'? The users don't show up. If a moderated user sends a
> message, and member_moderation_action is set to 'Hold,' then the
> message will show up in the admin interface.
> The general way to do what you want is: set all members to moderated.
> Set 'default_member_moderation' for the list to 'Yes'. Set
> 'member_moderation_action' to 'Hold' if you want to see attempts by
> the members to post, and have the opportunity to approve them. Set it
> to 'reject,' otherwise, which will bounce the message and tell the
> user why. To allow certain users (based on email address) to
> automatically post, add their email addresses to
> accept_these_nonmembers. This is probably the easiest, although least
> secure, way to do this.
> The better (though potentially more complex and difficult) way to do
> this is to include the list password on any emails sent, which will
> automatically bypass the sender filters. There are two ways to do
> this: Either as a header in the email (this can be difficult,
> depending on which email client you're using), or as the first line in
> the email (this can be very tricky if you're sending HTML email. For
> normal text, it should be fairly foolproof). Either way, the
> header/line should look like:
> Approved:
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