[Mailman-Users] mm-handler setup, new domain

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Thu Nov 30 04:49:34 CET 2006

At 6:10 PM -0500 11/29/06, David Abrahams wrote:

>  So I am inclined to simply point a DNS record for
>  lists.boost-consulting.com at the same IP address and go from there.
>  Is there any reason that shouldn't work out peachily, and are there
>  any pitfalls I need to watch out for?

Just make sure you don't try to use a CNAME alias instead of a real 
IP address.  The RFCs require that all CNAME aliases get their 
hostname replaced with the actual canonical name that is referenced, 
and this will hose your Mailman configuration.  Directly resolve to 
real IP addresses and avoid any CNAME aliases, and you should be fine.

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