[Mailman-Users] Approving mails

Martin Dennett md6969 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 4 08:18:09 CEST 2006

Mark Sapiro wrote:
> Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> You can still do it, but your Approved: line must be in a message sent
>> to the <listname>-request and with the subject of the sub-part
>> message, i.e. "confirm <40 digit hex token>" (perhaps preceded by "Re
>> :", but not by "Re : ".
> I think I fumble fingered the above. What I meant was it's OK if your
> MUA puts "Re: " in front of the subject, but it's not OK if it puts
> "Re : " or "Re:" infront of the subject. I.e., subjects like
> Subject: confirm <token>
> or
> Subject: Re: confirm <token>
> or even
> Subject: xyz: confirm <token>
> will all work, but
> Subject: Re:confirm <token>
> and
> Subject: Re : confirm <token>
> will not work. This is because if the first 'word' of the subject is
> not a recognized command, CommandRunner strips the first 'word' and
> tries again, but it only does this once.
Err... good job I'm 8 (?) hours ahead of you and had time to read both 
mails before trying anything ;-)

Success! The first time I tried it, Thunderbird forwards mails of this 
type as .eml attachments, which get refused at the server as potentially 
dangerous and so it bounced back to me! Second time, copying and pasting 
the confirm <token> line into a mail and sending that to -request caused 
the mail to be discarded as I forgot the Approved: (password) as the 
first line of the mail :-[

Undaunted I created a further mail which - worked! Thanks for that - 
another of the "how do I do that" questions answered. Watch out for my 
next one in a moment....


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