[Mailman-Users] messages to listname-bounces lost

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Oct 4 18:41:17 CEST 2006

K. Clair wrote:
>For mail, I have set up virtual domain aliases on our mail servers to
>forward mail to lists at virtual domains to the local list aliases on
>the mailman machine, for example:
>listname at domain.com -> listname at mailman.server.com
>listname-bounces at domain.com -> listname-bounces at mailman.server.com
>When I try to submit a subscribe request via the web interface (which
>happens on the mailman server), I see mail sent to the
>listname-bounces address.

This in itself indicates a problem. When you initiate a subscribe from
the web interface, this will result in a subscription confirmation
message sent to the subscribee from the listname-request address with
envelope from the listname-bounces address. If mail is coming to the
listname-bounces address, this seems to say the confirmation bounced,
and if the bounce is recognized by mailman but is for a non-member, it
is ignored.

So the issue seems to be that the confirmation is bouncing and not with
delivery to the -bounces address.

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