[Mailman-Users] Mailman vs. Email Aliases

Jon Forrest forrest at ce.berkeley.edu
Fri Oct 6 05:16:35 CEST 2006

Mark Sapiro wrote:

> You have a more serious issue to contend with first and that is that
> Mailman does not accept email addresses consisting of only a
> local-part ('smith' in your above example).

I didn't know that. I had read the following:

# The "host_name" is the preferred name for email to mailman-related
# addresses on this host, and generally should be the mail host's
# exchanger address, if any.  This setting can be useful for selecting
# among alternative names of a host that has multiple addresses.
host_name = 'ce.berkeley.edu'

so I was expecting this to be used when only a local part appears.

> Stop thinking in terms of using MTA aliases to manage your list members
> and let Mailman do its job.
> Smith can subscribe her gmail address to a number of your Mailman lists
> and when she moves to yahoo, she can change her address globally on
> all your lists to which she is subscribed by visiting her options page
> for a single list and changing her address globally.

Our list members don't use Mailman's web interface. All our lists are 
created by administrative staff. Could a list administrator also
change an address globally?


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