[Mailman-Users] Proceeding with caution - Upgrading mailman using rpm via yum

Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Wed Oct 11 14:18:07 CEST 2006

At 7:08 AM -0400 10/11/06, Joyce, Wesley K. wrote:

>  Greetings, what action should I take pre and post upgrading
>  mailman from to 2.1.8 using YUM?

First off, we have only three-digit version numbers.  So, is 
not one of our versions, and we have no idea what may have been done 
to this code.

Secondly, we are not the people who created your binary package 
management system, so we have no idea how this system may interact 
badly with our software, or in what weird ways things may fail.

These kinds of questions should be asked of those people who 
developed your binary package management system -- at least so far as 
it pertains to whatever they may have done to our code.

>                                             What specifically
>  should I back up, and do I need to edit or run any commands
>  after the upgrade.  I am nervous about doing this upgrade,
>  cause it would really hurt if mailman got broken.

Again, we didn't create those versions, so we don't know precisely 
what to tell you to backup.  If you had used our canonical source 
version, then I'd tell you to back up all of /usr/local/mailman, and 
that would get all Mailman configuration files, all the list 
archives, all the stuff currently sitting in one of the queue 
directories, etc....

But your binary packaged version probably stores stuff in different 
places, so you'd want to find out what those are and then back them 

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