[Mailman-Users] VERP with Postfix recipient_delimiter of "-"

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Oct 14 05:58:57 CEST 2006

Todd A. Jacobs wrote:

>On Thu, Oct 12, 2006 at 02:34:32PM -0700, Mark Sapiro wrote:
>> Default Mailman settings use a VERP delimiter of '+', not '-'. It is
>Not exactly. By default, Mailman expects that the MTA uses a plus, and
>not a minus, but it shouldn't be hard-coded.

It's not hard coded. It's in the settings for VERP_FORMAT, VERP_REGEXP,
VERP_CONFIRM_REGEXP, and it defaults to a '+'.

>Qmail, for example,
>defaults to using a minus as a delimiter; are you saying VERP can't be
>done with qmail, either?

I didn't say Mailman's 'VERP' could or could not be used with any MTA.
I said

>> not practical to use '-' because of conflicts with the listname-*
>> addresses (although I don't know much about Postfix so I may not be
>This doesn't make any sense. As long as the various lists and
>list-extensions are in the alias file, and the VERP address is properly
>constructed as an extension of a list address, the mail should get
>delivered to Mailman. Something may need to be tweaked, but I can't
>believe it's not *possible*.

And if you use '-' does listname-bounces-user-name=example.com at ... get
delivered to listname or to listname-bounces or listname-bounces-user?
If you can arrange for your MTA to always deliver it to
listname-bounces, then there is no problem with using '-' as a

>> What do you mean by this? Do you mean that password reminders and
>> subscription invitations/confirmations are not VERPed?
>I mean nothing outgoing, including comfirmation messages, are VERPed. As
>I understand it, VERP_DELIVERY_INTERVAL should only be set to 1 if you
>want *every* email to be VERPed, not just the confirmations.

Well, what do YOU want? And what Mailman version is this? Prior to
Mailman 2.1.6, VERP_CONFIRMATIONS applied only to invitations and not
to other confirmations.

>> Only if you truly need the VERP delimiter to be other than '+'.
>Yes, I truly do.

Then you can set

VERP_FORMAT = '%(bounces)s~%(mailbox)s=%(host)s'
VERP_PROBE_FORMAT = '%(bounces)s~%(token)s'
VERP_PROBE_REGEXP = r'^(?P<bounces>[^~]+?)\~(?P<token>[^@]+)@.*$'
VERP_CONFIRM_FORMAT = '%(addr)s~%(cookie)s'
VERP_CONFIRM_REGEXP = r'^(.*<)?(?P<addr>[^~]+?)\~(?P<cookie>[^@]+)@.*$'

in mm_cfg.py where '~' represents the delimiter you want to use, but if
that character is '-' the *_REGEXP settings will need further tweaking
to avoid matching the '-' in listname-bounces and listname-request.

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