[Mailman-Users] Two footers appearing in messages

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Mon Oct 16 20:45:13 CEST 2006

Allan Trick wrote:

>I've got some lists which go two deep, and two footers (saying how to 
>unsubscribe, etc.).  A group of parents (we're a school) are on 
>different lists, depending on if their child is boarding in our dorms 
>or if they are a day student.  So we have a group of senior parents 
>whose children are graduating in 2007 either on list "2007day" or 
>"2007boarder" - and each of those list names are members of another 
>list called "2007".  Teachers can therefore send a message to just 
>"2007" and reach ALL parents; or they can write to just the boarder 
>parents by writing only to "2007boarder".

So the "2007" list is an umbrella list. It should be so indicated on
its General Options page so that adinistrative messages such as
password reminders for its members get sent to, e.g.,
2007day-owner at ... and not to the whole 2007day at ... list.

Note that all the members of an umbrella list should be other lists and
not individuals. Lists which have a combination of other lists and
individuals as members are hard to manage well.

>When the message goes to "2007", there are TWO footers at the bottom 
>of the message:  one with the URL to the parent's own Mailman page, 
>and one to the page for whichever list they're on (boarder or 
>day).  To get rid of the extra footer, is it safe for me to check 
>"disabled" for message delivery on the "member" pages for the two 
>list names which are under the main "2007" list?  Or would that 
>affect all messages going to the parents?

No. If you disabled delivery for '2007day' and '2007boarder' on the
'2007' list, messages sent to the '2007' list would not reach the
sublists at all.

What you need to do is remove all the text from msg_footer on the
Non-digest options page of the '2007' list. Then the only footer that
will be added to messages will be the appropriate footer from the

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