[Mailman-Users] external web interface

BRAVAL François Francois.Braval at dr8.cnrs.fr
Wed Oct 18 14:44:19 CEST 2006

first, excuse for my poor english
i have set up a full mailman config on a server machine1 (postfix+apache+mailman) and all is working well
i want now to use the web interface on another server (machine2) and can't set up the things right
what i have done:
-create an nfs share from machine1:/usr/local/mailman to machine2:/usr/local/domain
-create mailman user and group on machine2 with same uid and sid as machine1
-mount nfs share on machine2
-dns entries for machine1 and machine2 are ok
-add to mm_cfg.py : 
  DEFAULT_URL_HOST ='machine2.mydomain.com'
when launching web interface on machine1, everything seems to work ok
when launching on machine2, i got the wen interface but saying no list present,
when trying to create one, got a 'sorry we hit a bug' screen, list seems to be created but no mail is sent to adminlist
what i've done wrong or incomplete ?
François BRAVAL 
Service Informatique 
CNRS-DR08- Centre-Poitou-Charentes 
3E Avenue de la Recherche Scientifique 
45071 ORLEANS Cedex 2 
Tel 02 38 25 79 89
Fax 02 38 69 70 31 
www http://www.dr8.cnrs.fr <http://www.dr8.cnrs.fr/>  

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