[Mailman-Users] external web interface

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Wed Oct 18 18:08:02 CEST 2006

BRAVAL François wrote:
>first, excuse for my poor english

Your English is clear enough I think. Much better than ma Français.

>what i have done:
>-create an nfs share from machine1:/usr/local/mailman to machine2:/usr/local/domain
>-create mailman user and group on machine2 with same uid and sid as machine1
>-mount nfs share on machine2
>-dns entries for machine1 and machine2 are ok
>-add to mm_cfg.py : 
>  DEFAULT_URL_HOST ='machine2.mydomain.com'
>  add_virtualhost('machine2.mydomain.com','machine1.mydomain.com')

This has to do with the problem - see below.

>when launching web interface on machine1, everything seems to work ok
>when launching on machine2, i got the wen interface but saying no list present,

When you go the the listinfo or admin overview pages from machine2, you
will see no lists because all the lists are in the machine1 domain.
This is based on the web_page_url attribute of the list. See

Setting DEFAULT_URL_HOST and add_virtual_host in mm_cfg.py won't affect
this. What you need in mm_cfg.py is


so all lists will appear on all domain's overview pages.

You should be able to go to the admin/listname or listinfo/listname
page on machine2 even if listname is not shown on the overview.

>when trying to create one, got a 'sorry we hit a bug' screen, list seems to be created but no mail is sent to adminlist

What is in Mailman's 'error' log for this 'bug'?

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