[Mailman-Users] external web interface

Mark Sapiro msapiro at value.net
Sat Oct 21 08:01:07 CEST 2006

BRAVAL François wrote:
>2 questions:
>With my config, postfix+mailman on machine1, apache on machine2
>- /usr/sbin/postalias (and portmap) is on machine1, not needed on 
>machine 2, right ?

Wrong. When you run the create script on the web interface on machine2,
it does the postalias and postmap commands to update aliases.db and
virtual-mailman.db. If those paths (as defined by POSTFIX_ALIAS_CMD
and POSTFIX_MAP_CMD) don't exist, that's the reason for the error you

Note that the lists have been created and aliases and virtual-mailman
have been updated, but the postalias and postmap commands will still
need to be run to update the .db files.

>- which user (or group) runs the /usr/sbin/postalias command when =
>creating a list on machine2 with the web interface

The user is the user under which the web server runs the CGI wrapper.
The group is the mailman group because the wrapper is SETGID.

>     do I need to add this user to the postfix group or something ?

You shouldn't have to. My understanding is anyone can run postalias and
postmap as long as that user/group has permissions on the files being
processed. If things are correct, the commands will run as group
mailman which will have permission.

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