[Mailman-Users] broken-black hole

Kelsey Forsythe forsythe at chem.iupui.edu
Mon Oct 23 02:57:03 CEST 2006

I am running Mailman-2.1.4.
I had been running for several years no problem.
We recently had a hard disk failure.
We had to replace with backup drive.
The backup seemed to work fine but now we are receiving complaints from
members of our lists that none of the messages are posted.
I checked and corrected some permission errors and
restarted the qrunner.
In the /var/log/mail.log file messages appear as follows:

> Oct 21 04:43:30 atom postfix/local[22667]: 807C21246E6FA:  
> to=<chemclub at atom.chem
> .iupui.edu>, relay=local, delay=3, status=sent ("|/usr/local/ 
> mailman/mail/mailma
> n post chemclub")

But the list does not seem to post to members.  I've verified via the  
URL that the list is there and members
are also still present.
Mail just seems to go into a hole.

Any suggestions?



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