[Mailman-Users] Spamassassin Integration Question

Christopher Hatty chatty at flock.com
Wed Oct 25 18:10:09 CEST 2006

Ahahaha! All my mail from this list ended up in a spam folder. Ahem...

> Personally, I am strongly opposed to integrating these sorts 
> of things into Mailman itself.  This should be done before 
> the message ever gets to Mailman, so that Mailman never even 
> sees most of the spam, and only has to hold for moderation 
> the stuff that you're not sure about.

I agree with this. But that will require a little more thought on my part in
order to be non-disruptive, and still  wouldn't necessarily address the

> But 2.1.6 had some security holes, and there were other problems with
> 2.1.7 and 2.1.8, so 2.1.9 is now out.  Try that version, and if you can't
get that to work, let us know what
> problems you're having and maybe we can help.

K. Thanks!


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