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Dragon dragon at crimson-dragon.com
Sat Oct 28 20:30:17 CEST 2006

Mark Sapiro sent the message below at 07:55 AM 10/28/2006:
>Jon Loose wrote:
> >
> >The ideal would be a single HTML message which
> >combines all of the HTML/plain messages that have been
> >sent to the list, with attachments aggregated and
> >placed at the end of the combined message.  This is
> >something quite different than mailman does already -
> >but I felt it was worth raising.
> >
> >An alternative might be a combination of the current
> >Mime/Plain options, with a single text containing all
> >the messages, with Mime attachments at the bottom for
> >any attachments to the original messages.
>I personally wouldn't find either of these options appealing. I hate
>receiving HTML email. Additionally, all my lists allow only plain text
>so there would be little advantage to an HTML digest (you could
>specify color or font for message separators to make them stand out).
>With either option, you don't have the ability to directly reply to
>individual messages from your MUA as you do with the current MIME
>digest. You have to edit the subject and body of the reply, at least
>if you want it to be coherent, and you lose threading information for
>the archives.
>I also think that having attachments referenced by hyperlink that I can
>choose to visit or not as in the current plain digest is preferable to
>attaching them all at the end of the digest where I have to download
>them whether I want them or not, and where I might have difficulty
>knowing which attachments go with which message.
>In short, it's a request that I wouldn't put any effort into
>implementing unless there was overwhelming demand for it.
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I'm in agreement with Mark here. I find this whole idea horrifying. 
HTML is for web pages, not e-mail.

Friends don't let friends do HTML e-mail.


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