[Mailman-Users] Using Accepted <password> in the header

Peter Kofod pete at datasages.com
Sat Oct 28 23:51:09 CEST 2006

I was wondering if it was possible to distinguish between the list
moderator and everyone else so that the moderator's message would be
authenticated immediately, whereas everyone else would get discarded, as
opposed to having be discarded manually?


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Peter Kofod wrote:

>I have an announce-only list with one member who can post.  I have it 
>set up so that he is not moderated, all others are moderated.
>Currently, I discard moderated postings as well as non-member postings.
>I want to tighten the setup a bit more so that the list owner (who is 
>the only non moderated user) has to send the Accepted <password> 
>function in the email header.  This is to prevent spoofing of the 
>sender email address.  How do I do this, while keeping the rest of the 
>settings the same?  (Discarding moderated member and non member 
>postings).  Not sure how to set that in the web interface and/or
list_config file.

All you need to do in the web interface is to set the authorized poster
to 'moderated' along with everyone else.

You don't need to do anything special to enable the use of the

Approved: password

header. That is always available. Note that the name of the header is
Approved: or Approve:, not Accepted:, and password is either the list's
admin password or the list's moderator password.

Use of the Approved: header with correct password bypasses all tests for
holding, rejecting, discarding or accepting messages except for Privacy
options...->Spam filters->header_filter_rules and the mm_cfg.py setting

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