[Mailman-Users] How to move a list from 2.1.2

Anders Norrbring lists at norrbring.se
Mon Oct 30 19:11:17 CET 2006

Jon Forrest skrev:
> Anders Norrbring wrote:
>> Yeah.. I'll do a RPM build for SUSE on the latest version as soon as I 
>> can find the time. The thing I was a bit concerned about was the move 
>> from one machine to the other. Seemed to work fine though..
> Maybe I'm old fashioned, but building from source can sometimes
> be a good way to go here. It's not very hard, and you learn more
> about the package you're building. This can help a lot of something
> goes wrong because then you don't see the program as a closed box.
> Plus, with complicated programs, when you build them yourself,
> you know exactly what options you use, which you can then document
> for your group. Once you've done this, then it makes moving
> to other machines, and maybe other distributions, easier.
> I know this isn't the way some people like to operate, and
> I often debate this with people I work with, but this
> approach has worked well for me, including my recent
> installation of Mailman.
> Cordially,

Well Jon,
I do the builds, then I install them.. :)  SUSE doesn't provide 
latest-version packages, therefore I create them myself, and put them 
online for others to use if they want.


Anders Norrbring
Norrbring Consulting

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