[Mailman-Users] Emails Not Being Delivered to All on List

D. Alan Stewart d.alan.stewart at mac.com
Tue Oct 31 22:50:23 CET 2006

Hey, this sounds like the same problem I posted on Oct. 26! Our list  
has had the problem for five months now.

It gets worse - this list has the same problem. In looking at the  
Mailman-Users archive, I see severals responses to my plea for help,  
"undelivered mail, but only to some" that I never received.

Thanks for the responses, Mark Sapiro, but I never got them - this  
list is broken too! I'll respond to your questions in my next posting.


On Oct 31, 2006, at 4:23 PM, Bruce E. Breeding wrote:

> Symptom:  some list recipients are not receiving their emails from  
> the list [Four resulting questions below]
> In attempting to determine WHY the above symptom is occurring, I  
> contacted my web service provider.  We're getting to know each  
> other well due to frequency of communication.  ;)
> He seems to be trying hard to help me out.
> Here is his latest helpful hint:
> **** Web service provider's suggestions start here ...
> "I happened to catch some of your mailing lists trying to deliver a  
> little while ago and caught an example of why you sometimes have  
> problems. This is a good example of a list doing a partial delivery  
> because it stalls at a bad address which causes delays etc for  
> other addresses that are on the same list and this particular  
> address you have on for lists currently unable to finish  
> delivery.......................
> Getting MX record for <domainname>.org (from local DNS server, may  
> be cached)...   Received a SERVER FAILURE response.
> This should be treated as an ERROR (per RFC974), and the E-mail  
> delivery should PROBABLY be retried later.
> Here is what has been delivered so far, anything with a "Y" has  
> been delivered, anything without is stalled because of the bad  
> email address which doesn't allow the mailserver to continue.
> <and here, he inserted a list of email addresses from the list,  
> each prefaced with either
> YY, YN, NY, or NN>
> <I presume he's getting this from (hopefully appropriate) log.>
> <He even suggested I check email addresses at http:// 
> www.dnsreport.com (which I have, although I had already checked one  
> by one to be sure the addresses were correctly entered.  I have  
> most of them in a contact list and so there was little doubt in my  
> mind of their accuracy.)>
> **** Web service provider's suggestions end here ...
> So, my Question(1):  Is it normal to expect a substantial amount of  
> non-delivery to valid email addresses?  I would presume, "No."   
> But, in case I'm really missing the obvious, here, please enlighten  
> me.
> Question (2):  Is it normal for Mailman to "stall", or "stop"  
> processing the rest of a list because of one bad email?  (I'm  
> asking that somewhat rhetorically, expecting an emphatic "NO" answer.)
> Question (3):  Please explain the YY, YN, NY, and NN indicators  
> [preceding the email addresses] from the above referenced log.  I  
> understand that YY means the email was delivered to the recipient,  
> and NN means the email was NOT delivered to the recipient.  But, YN  
> and NY?  maybe yes, maybe no?
> Question (4):  Do you have further suggestions as to  
> troubleshooting the reason that some of these addresses did not  
> receive the email?  Are there specific places (other logs in  
> mailman) I should ask him to look that could give further information?
> Thank you for you help.
> Bruce
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