[Mailman-Users] Some basic how-to questions

Todd Zullinger tmz at pobox.com
Sat Sep 2 04:16:36 CEST 2006

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Ken Winter wrote:
> My host administrator says I have the privileges I need.  Indeed, I can get
> to /usr/local/mailman/ through a SSH shell.


> But, see, I'm more-or-less UNIX / LINUX ignorant, so I can't seem to
> get anything to happen from there.  Can you point me to some command
> line documentation that can get me through to where I can do the
> stuff I need to do?

Most of the command line tools are fairly straightforward and running
them without any options/arguments results in usage information.

The mailman FAQ and the archives of this list have examples and details
of how to use the tools to perform various tasks, searching those
would be a good place to start for general info on the mailman command
line tools.

Taking your original list of tasks but knowing now that you aren't
limited to the web interface, I'd answer a little differently...

> 1.  Delete an entire mailing list?

bin/rmlist would be the tool to use.  It's pretty simple in usage,
just pass it a listname to remove.  If you want to delete the list's
archives as well, use the -a option.

bin/rmlist -a testlist

> 2.  Clone the entire setup of a list, creating a new list with a
> different name but the same configuration?

That's a task for config_list.  The basic steps are

a) bin/newlist newlist (or use the web interface)
b) bin/config_list -o config oldlist
c) edit config, change any references to the old list to the newlist
c) bin/config_list -i config newlist

> 3.  Rename a list?
Renaming is a minor pain.  Perhaps it's best to search the archives.
I've done it but not often enough that I could give you the steps from

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