[Mailman-Users] config_list doesn't copy the HTML forthe public HTML pages

Ken Winter ken at sunward.org
Sun Sep 3 06:16:00 CEST 2006

Thanks to Mark and others for getting me unstuck.  

All is well, except for one thing:  The config_list utility doesn't include
the "public HTML pages" (most importantly, the "General List Information
Page") as part of the configuration that it copies from one list to another.
This provokes three questions:

1. Is there some way to get config_list to do this?
2. Or is there some other utility that does it?
3. Or is there some easier way to do it that opening the "source" and
"target" lists in the administrator we sites and cutting-and-pasting the
HTML from one to the other?

~ Ken

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    Ken Winter wrote:
    >My host administrator says I have the privileges I need.  Indeed, I can
    >to /usr/local/mailman/ through a SSH shell.  But, see, I'm more-or-less
    >/ LINUX ignorant, so I can't seem to get anything to happen from there.
    >you point me to some command line documentation that can get me through
    >where I can do the stuff I need to do?
    cd /usr/local/mailman/
    >        1.	Delete an entire mailing list?
    bin/rmlist --help
    >        2.	Clone the entire setup of a list, creating a new list with a
    >        different name but the same configuration?
    bin/config_list --help
    bin/newlist --help
    >        3.	Rename a list?
    Also see
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