[Mailman-Users] Obscure addresses problem

Jack Stone antennex at swbell.net
Sun Sep 3 20:36:06 CEST 2006

Brad Knowles <brad at stop.mail-abuse.org> wrote:    At 6:06 AM -0700 2006-09-03, Jack Stone wrote:

> I run a separate searchable archive where the whole address is munged
> with "xxxx"s, but now without the "@" regular format, the address is
> more exposed than before.

The archives are basically flat HTML files that are generated by 
Mailman when messages come in, or by periodic cron jobs. Since 
they're flat HTML files, if you make a change like this you will need 
to go back and re-generate all the affected archives in order to make 
the change visible everywhere. Did you do that?

Brad Knowles, 

I just switched my mail list management from majordom to mailman within the past week. All of my archives prior to the day of the switch are "x"ed out.
  I'm not concerned about the few that mailman obscured, just wanted the normal address to appear on each message in the new archive files by mailman.
  My archiving program takes the mailman archive files (after the fact) and prepares the archives with any and all email addresses that appear in mailman's mbox or flat text archive files and generates the archives I have over 10,000 messages with the email obscured as:
  amember at somewhere.com to:
  amember at xxxxxxxxx.xxx
  whereas, mailman does this:
  amember at somewhere.com
  My old method of obscuring is much more obscured.
  So, why doesn't the change from YES to NO on the obscure not work?? That's all I need so the messages arrive in the mailman archive files with a whole original email address format.

Best regards,
Jack L. Stone

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