[Mailman-Users] Obscure addresses problem

Jack Stone antennex at swbell.net
Sun Sep 3 23:54:51 CEST 2006

Brad Knowles <brad at stop.mail-abuse.org> wrote:    At 11:36 AM -0700 2006-09-03, Jack Stone wrote:

> So, why doesn't the change from YES to NO on the obscure not work??

Because you still need to regenerate the archives, which you 
apparently did not do.

IMO, better yet would to modify your post-processing script so that 
it understands both address formats, so that it doesn't matter how 
this particular option is set.

Brad Knowles, 

  Brad: Sorry I'm so thick-headed, but didn't realize it wouldn'l just start feeding the archives with the new setting. So, I need to regenerate the archives for the setting to take effect as you have twice said.
  Since I'm just learning mailman, what would my line command & flags be to do that.
  Or, your second suggestion: "...to modify your post-processing script.... ", how would I modify the post-processing script -- so I don't screw it up?
  Thanks for your support on this one.

Best regards,
Jack L. Stone

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