[Mailman-Users] Obscure addresses problem

Jack Stone antennex at swbell.net
Mon Sep 4 16:04:37 CEST 2006

Brad Knowles <brad at stop.mail-abuse.org> wrote:    At 6:06 AM -0700 2006-09-03, Jack Stone wrote:

> I run a separate searchable archive where the whole address is munged
> with "xxxx"s, but now without the "@" regular format, the address is
> more exposed than before.

The archives are basically flat HTML files that are generated by 
Mailman when messages come in, or by periodic cron jobs. Since 
they're flat HTML files, if you make a change like this you will need 
to go back and re-generate all the affected archives in order to make 
the change visible everywhere. Did you do that?

Brad Knowles, 

Brad: I did what you advised but mailman does not adjust to the new setting of NO to not Obscure. Yes, I have regenerated the archives -- the ones that belong to mailman of course.
  I cannot modify the "post-prosessing script" because I use the program "Mhonarc" to generate the searchable version of my archives since Mailman does not include that feature. It has the nice feature of truly obscuring (completely) the email addresses much better than just
  amember at somewh.ere However, Mhonarc needs the regular email address to see it and convert to amember at xxxxxx.xx
  Those wishing to harvest emails can certainly run a script to put the Mailman Obsured method back to a full email -- I cannot tho.
  Is the obscure a buggy feature or do you have any other suggestions. I haven't seen any other answers in my search.
  I have watched Mailman mature for years before switching from majordomo. The only aspect keeping me from doing it was the messy archives that could not set the right dates of the message and showed dates far into the future.
  Too messy for a list with scientists, academics, engineers and the like who would be very picky about that.
  Please one more attempt to explain to me what to do & I'll go away -- happy as a "clam" if I get the right answer from anyone -- unless I'm the only one on this list with this problem.
  Thanks for tolerating me on this important issue (for us).
  See the tech mag that uses the list:
  I am the publisher, but a mediocre Sys Adm.

Best regards,
Jack L. Stone

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