[Mailman-Users] Obscure addresses problem

Jack Stone antennex at swbell.net
Mon Sep 4 18:47:54 CEST 2006

Karl Zander <kwz-mm at commpartners.com> wrote:    On Mon, 4 Sep 2006 07:04:37 -0700 (PDT)
Jack Stone wrote:

> I cannot modify the "post-prosessing script" because I 
>use the program "Mhonarc" to generate the searchable 
>version of my archives since Mailman does not include 
>that feature. It has the nice feature of truly obscuring 
>(completely) the email addresses much better than just
> amember at somewh.ere However, Mhonarc needs the 
>regular email address to see it and convert to 
>amember at xxxxxx.xx


> Please one more attempt to explain to me what to do & 
>I'll go away -- happy as a "clam" if I get the right 
>answer from anyone -- unless I'm the only one on this 
>list with this problem.

I think what you are asking is specific to MHonArc. 
Mailman only calls MHonArc as an external archiver and 
then Mailman assumes that external archiver knows what it 
is doing.

I believe what you are looking for is called "SPAMMODE" in 

"SPAMMODE determines if MHonArc will perform actions to 
deter spam address harvesters. If SPAMMODE is true, it 
changes the default values of various resources that 
display email addresses."

I don't know the specifics of enabling this in MHonArc as 
I have just started looking at this myself. You will want 
to take a look at the MHonArc site for specifics, 

  Karl, you missed the point. Sorry I'm just not being clear enough. I do not have Mailman calling MhonArc. I just want Mailman to do want it is told to do first and all would be fine. I do use SPAMMODE on MHonArc to obtain the "xxxx"es to obliterate the email addresses AFTER Mailman has generated the archives. Mailman doe not depend on MHonArch, but MHonArch's SPAMMODE depends on the output files of Mailman. I cannot get the Mailman knob to NOT Obscure to do that. It just keeps obscuring no matter what I do.
  If I run MHonArc on the Mailman mylist.mbox, which contains the email addresses in full, then it works. Alas tho, the archive mylist.mbox doesn't split the months as does the "mylist-month.txt" So, I switched over to using the "txt" archive to feed MHonArc and then discovered the new problem of the Mailman's method of obscuring the addresses which now defeats MHonArch. I am very familiar with use of MHonArch.
  Any other thoughts....???

Best regards,
Jack L. Stone

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